First Impressions

September 23, 2019

Whenever we meet someone new, we always endeavour to create the best first impression, hoping to start best foot forward (especially if you are to be working together for the next 2 years), some of us will obsess over every little action, critiquing it and wondering how we could have done better, as if socialising is an internal competition. Others have figured out how to ‘just be yourself’ and are comfortable with whatever happening, happening; after all, what’s done is done. Either way, meeting people is an inevitable and arguably exciting part of life, it leads to many anxieties and challenges but it also broadens our horizons, exposing us to a variety of cultures, beliefs and adventures that not only develop us as people but allow us to lead more fulfilling and varied lives as we discover more about our wide world. 

When I realised none of my old friends would be going to my new college it was intimidating, I would be going to an environment filled with the unknown, but I did that once before — for the Jamboree — it was a unit filled with people I didn’t know and now I consider them some of my closest friends (3 weeks of constant companionship will do this), it was an experience that built my confidence and prepared me for the meeting new people, in fact, it was this practice that replaced the anxiety with excitement. This will be another group of total strangers who have all lived interesting and unique lives, who will all have their own stories to tell. We might not all become best friends but given the relative smallness of UTC Portsmouth, we would at least become colleagues and this was exciting, I couldn’t wait. I got to do the courses I like the look of with new people who can add a new perspective to the world we all live through, each of us looking in on it with a different lens that allows us to experience the exact same thing differently. It’s like when you analyse a book, we all pick up on something different, the same can be said for life.

We all experience life differently, each finding our own unique ways to enjoy it. A feature that allows society to flourish in many different ways.